Lessons For this Week
August 24, 2001
Subject: Lessons Date: 10th August
Time Instructor Lesson \ Title
1850 - 1930 CSM
Unit Birthday Parade Revision
1935 - 2015 CPL Hanning
Measure distance on a map
2035 - 2115 CUO\CSM
Unit Birthday Parade Revision
Lessons For Next Week
August 31, 2001
Subject: Lessons Date: 3th August
Time Instructor Lesson \ Title
1850 - 1930 CPL Pyers
Determine the Shape of the Ground
1935 - 2015 L\CPL Voght
Explain Treatment for Poisons
2035 - 2115 CPL Shoesmith
Assemble the Service Radio

Lessons now are on a role, were slowly brining back in all the good old Tactical Lessons. So be alert, and ya'll be fine!

Special Events
Title: ATA Course
SGT Glen Simpson and L\CPL Brad Thompson attended the ATA course held in sydney, this is the most challenging course that the cadet corps will ever hold.
Congradulations to SGT SImpson for passing the course
Although i L\cpl Thompson had passed the course he would have revieved the highest score a cadet could rach, and that itself is an achievment.

Friday August 17, 2001 -

Message - CPL Voght

Thanks for all attending tonights parade. Lessons are on a role now, so if your keen on joining, get in contact with me bcause i'll actully talk to you and give you alot of info and make you feel welcome on the night.
Feel free to E-mail me with the Link Below

I also have a heap of new photo's that im currently editing to be posted on the Net, so check back in later if your Keen on seeing them.. ITs photo's like the Promotion night and just general Cadet Activites

Tuesday, August 14. 2001

Message - Cpl Voght

Im finally getting the page up and going, but i need some help with a few people. This friday night i will be handing out a few report forms to a few selected cadets and they will fill these forms out each week to be posted on this site.
We need information like, How lessons are, How you are going, How you feel about certain sitations and so on. So when you get these forms please fell them out correctly,
Thanks champs